Systems-Level Grants

Gaps in health are large, persistent, and increasing and many of them are caused by barriers inherent at the systems level. Systems-Level Grants will require the Foundation to identify the pressing systemic issues that its funding can most effectively address. Funding will support systems-level efforts that address any social determinant of health.

Systems-Level Grants are intended for organizations that work to influence and guide change in structural systems to improve individual and community health outcomes.  Systems-Level Grants also seek to specifically support the following identified vulnerable populations while recognizing that broader populations are often impacted by successful system-level efforts:

→  Children (ages 0-5)

→  Youth (ages 6-18)

→  Low-income older adults (ages 60 and over)

→  Low-income families with an emphasis on single parent heads of households

→  Immigrants and refugees

Systems-Level Grants are currently considered through an invitation only process. Funding can be approved for up to two years.

If you would like to propose a systems-level funding request to HLF, please reach out to HLF’s Executive Director, Kate Ingersoll, at to discuss the opportunity.

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Funding Priorities

The HLF Board recognizes that responsible stewardship requires an initial investment of time and resources to ensure our grantmaking process and priorities are effective, efficient, and equitable.
With the help of local experts, we are engaged in intentional educational sessions covering philanthropy, grant-making, social determinants of health, and other important topics specific to the Lakewood community.

Over the coming months, we will apply this learning to inform decisions about funding priorities.

Grantmaking Cycle

The HLF Board continues to develop priorities and organizational guidelines in alignment with our mission, vision, and values that will inform our effective, efficient, and equitable grant-making strategy.