Our Grantmaking Overview

HLF supports health and wellbeing in the community by using the framework of social determinants of health to address health disparities and inequities.

While the general health of our community can always be improved, certain populations face multiple barriers to achieving and maintaining positive health outcomes. To focus its grantmaking for greater impact in the community, the Foundation has prioritized key vulnerable populations based on data collection and feedback in its strategic planning process.

HLF has established distinct grant programs to support a spectrum of approaches to address the needs of certain populations and improve overall health outcomes and opportunities in Lakewood:

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Funding Priorities

The HLF Board recognizes that responsible stewardship requires an initial investment of time and resources to ensure our grantmaking process and priorities are effective, efficient, and equitable.
With the help of local experts, we are engaged in intentional educational sessions covering philanthropy, grant-making, social determinants of health, and other important topics specific to the Lakewood community.

Over the coming months, we will apply this learning to inform decisions about funding priorities.

Grantmaking Cycle

The HLF Board continues to develop priorities and organizational guidelines in alignment with our mission, vision, and values that will inform our effective, efficient, and equitable grant-making strategy.

Community Grants

Community Grants

Community Grants are geared toward providers of care and direct service, advocates, community engagement, and research to advance existing programs and envision new strategies.

Funding range: $10,000 - $40,000

Neighborhood Opportunity Grants

Neighborhood Opportunity Grants are small, accessible, and community-based grants that support organizations and groups to initiate and expand meaningful projects at the hyperlocal level. The grants seek to increase engagement, creativity, and connection

Funding range: $1,000 - $10,000

Systems-Level Grants

Larger grants that are directed to organizations undertaking system-level efforts (policy, advocacy, research) that seek to address the major challenges faced by certain populations and/or the general Lakewood community.

COVID-Related Response Funding

HLF provided COVID-responsive grantmaking between 2020 - 2022 to address the impact of the pandemic on individuals and organizations in the Lakewood community. Funding was focused on response, relief, and rebuilding efforts.