Community Grants

Closed for 2023

Community Grants support programs that prioritize the care and support of certain populations in the Lakewood community and address specific social determinants of health.  Please click here for additional resources.

Community Grants seek to address social, economic, and environmental factors which impact health outcomes and perpetuate disparities.

Community Grants are not a general support funding opportunity.

This funding is targeted to support organizational programming, projects and initiatives be they new or established.  These grants seek to address critical needs, build community connections, address disparities, and improve the quality of our public and living spaces.

Community Grant funding supports programming that addresses one or more of four specific social determinants of health:

These grants seek to specifically support the following identified populations:

Food insecurity and access to affordable high-quality food.

Social and community support networks as safeguards against stress and discrimination.

Access to early childhood education programs and services.

Affordable and safe housing, access to transportation, and safety in and access to public spaces within Lakewood.

Children (ages 0-5)

Youth (ages 6-18)

Low-income older adults (ages 60 and over)

Low-income families with an emphasis on single parent heads of households

Immigrants and refugees

Grant amount

Grants range in size from $10,000 – $40,000 per year.

Grant duration

Grants for up to two years of funding are available; multi-year funding available on a limited basis.

Eligible grant seeking organizations do not need to be headquartered in Lakewood. However, HLF will only support programs in which Lakewood residents or Lakewood-based institutions are either key beneficiaries or directly served.

HLF will not ask for an accounting of each individual served but rather assumes that the applicant’s proposed program seeks to specifically serve certain identified populations in Lakewood while recognizing that a range of people may be served generally.

Applications must be submitted by a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is in good standing with the IRS. Projects initiated by groups without 501(c)(3) status may be supported through a fiscal sponsor.

The following activities are not eligible for Community Grants funding:

→  General operating support
→  Capital campaigns
→  Fundraising events or event sponsorships
→  Lobbying
→  Program advertising
→  Scholarships
→  Religious or evangelical purposes

April 2, 2023:  Application period open

May 12, 2023:  Application period closed

June 7-16, 2023:  Virtual meetings with select applicants

July 14, 2023:   Funding awards announced

Application support:
At anytime, please email with questions and for technical assistance

⇒  Determine the population(s) that will be most directly impacted by the program.

⇒  Identify a program that addresses one of the four prioritized social determinants of health in Lakewood.

⇒  If not part of a non-profit organization, identify a fiscal sponsor or request assistance from HLF staff to do so.

→ Obtain fiscal sponsor agreement letter if applicable.

⇒  Complete HLF’s online grant application that includes:

→ Background information about your group or organization.

→ A detailed program description that explains the need for the program and how it will be executed.

→ Explanation of how the program will address the identified vulnerable populations and social determinants of health and why that is a priority for your organization/group.

→ A program budget with an organizational budget (if applicable).

→ Intended/anticipated outcomes.

→ Metrics for assessment.

⇒  Ask for assistance with the grant application process when needed.

⇒  Submit the completed application on or before the submission deadline and respond to requests for additional information promptly.

⇒  Be prepared to meet virtually to provide additional information on the proposed program and about your organization and work generally.

⇒  Be prepared to start the approved program in a timely manner to ensure completion within the approved grant timeline.

⇒  Agree to submit a final grant report and account for all expenses related to the grant by including and tracking receipts and payments as well as meet the terms of any fiscal sponsorship agreement.

⇒  Act as a responsible steward of the funding as well as an ambassador to the community.

⇒  Provide feedback on the application, implementation, and reporting phases of the grant process to help improve future funding opportunities.

⇒  Be prepared to share ideas with other funded groups and identify areas of synergy and shared impact.

The Healthy Lakewood Foundation does not fund organizations that in their constitution, by-laws or practices discriminate against a person or group on the basis of age, race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, political affiliation or religious beliefs.