Want to help advance health and well-being initiatives in Lakewood?

 Consider applying to serve as a board member of
the Healthy Lakewood Foundation!

The Healthy Lakewood Foundation (HLF) is actively seeking a passionate, diverse, and committed member of the Lakewood community to serve on its Board of Directors. The Foundation is charged with supporting programs and initiatives focused on health and well-being for the Lakewood community.

The Healthy Lakewood Foundation Board is recruiting a new member with experience with wealth management and monitoring investment portfolio performance. HLF is entrusted to oversee the assets designated to advance the health and well-being of Lakewood residents. Therefore, individuals with backgrounds in investment portfolio analysis and compliance with IRS and other financial regulations are important skills for the organization.

The selected candidate will serve on HLF’s Finance Committee and be willing to assume a leadership role in overseeing the Foundation’s financial management systems.

HLF Board members serve three-year terms. At this time, only Lakewood residents will be considered for this open position in order to maintain a board composition whereby at least 2/3 of members are Lakewood residents per the organization’s by-laws.

Interested individuals with these skills along with a passion for advancing health equity in the Lakewood community can apply here. Please reach out to HLF’s Executive Director Kate Ingersoll with questions about the Board position.

Healthy Lakewood Foundation wants to hear from YOU if:

  • You are excited about being part of a new and impactful organization in Lakewood;
  • You are passionate about health and well-being;
  • You have the time and energy to spend on board work—attending board meetings, participating in committee work, and being an ambassador for the Healthy Lakewood Foundation;
  • You bring a knowledge of and passion for healthy and strong communities; and
  • You are committed to Lakewood. (Currently, only applications from Lakewood residents as 2/3 of board members must live in the city.)

The Healthy Lakewood Foundation is committed to a diverse and inclusive board that makes equitable decisions to benefit the entire Lakewood community. A number of diversity factors have been identified as valuable to the board.  These include, among others:

  • Age
  • Race
  • Gender/Gender Identity
  • Education
  • Ethnicity
  • Culture
  • Socioeconomic status
  • Disability
  • LGBTQ+
  • Country of Origin/Experience
    of Immigration
  • Religious Orientation

Please note: Financial contribution is neither expected nor required for board membership.

We encourage all who are interested to apply!

Please apply using our online application form.

Applications must be received no later than October 17, 2022.

Following an initial review of applications by HLF’s Governance Committee, a select number of potential candidates will be interviewed for consideration.