About the Foundation

The Healthy Lakewood Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit community foundation. The Healthy Lakewood Foundation was created to ensure remaining assets from the conversion of the Lakewood Hospital will continue to benefit the health and wellness of residents in the City of Lakewood.

We honor the legacy of Lakewood Hospital and are committed to a path forward that ensures everyone in Lakewood can achieve their fullest health potential. It is with this spirit that we work to build trust and responsibly steward funds that will support health and wellness for the benefit of the Lakewood community and its residents for generations to come.

Our Mission

To advance programs, policies, and practices that inspire a Lakewood community in which health and wellness are reflected in all aspects of life.

Our Values

We are committed to those in our community most affected by injustice to support them in achieving health and overcoming the systemic barriers to it.

We value meaningful interconnections between all people residing, working and playing in the City of Lakewood.

In our actions, we demonstrate deep care, concern and empathy for our community and access to healthful experiences that enhance wellness.

We take a sound, ethical and moral approach to stewardship of resources and transparency in all of our actions taken in support of the health of the community.


The Healthy Lakewood Foundation (HLF) was established in September 2018 as part of the master agreement following the closing of Lakewood Hospital. HLF was formed from the Foundation Planning Task Force and through their recommendation to the City of Lakewood and the Lakewood Hospital Association. During the first year, the board determined its initial governance structure and established committees to address specific issues. HLF secured insurance and established a banking relationship. HLF embarked on a proactive Board education process to create a common and thorough understanding of our community and philanthropic fundamentals, as well as the challenges and opportunities related to health and wellness.


HLF developed priorities and organizational guidelines in alignment with the mission, vision, and values. HLF continued proactive Board education. Throughout the year Board Members collaborated with Strategy Plus Action, a consulting firm, to support HLF through the development of its initial focus, grantmaking strategy, and administration. Priorities for a three-year funding cycle were identified and the framework for operating, grantmaking, and other policies were formed. HLF also held its inaugural community meeting in September at the Woman’s Club Pavilion in Lakewood Park. Over 75 community members gathered to learn and share ideas.


Early in the year, HLF appointed officers and elected leadership. The Strategic Framework, which set guidelines and priorities for funding over the next three years and includes other guiding principles was adopted. As part of the Strategic Framework, HLF decided to operate in perpetuity to serve the Lakewood community. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, in March HLF decided to pivot its funding plans and priorities. HLF identified organizations that could quickly meet the demands of our community members most in need, and made the initial round of grants in March. For the 2020 grantmaking cycle, HLF is committed to providing proactive funding to meet community needs related to the COVID-19 crisis.

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